And it no longer “rained like cats and dogs”

8C of Shuvatara School was asked to avoid cliches. No more “hungry as a hippo” or “greedy as a pig” or “it’s raining cats and dogs.” They were asked to sit in their classroom, a space they are familiar with on a daily basis, and focus on one aspect of the room, an object, the colours, whatever they wished to choose. Then their task was to describe it in one sentence without mentioning the word.

Just for kicks, let’s see if you can match these classroom “things” to the descriptions that students came up with: a hole in the wall; a drawing of a heart; a drawing of a smiley/sad face; chart paper; the ceiling fan; a blue internet cable; the classroom speaker; the window grills; the lines on the floor tiles; the ceiling lights; the blackboard and the school calendar.


The grumpy face that never smiles. — Luzala Tamrakar

It’s a bird’s eye view of a highway from a very tall building. — Shrey Shrestha

A big yellow body with a hole. — Rishab Shrestha

A blue snake in the dessert. — Abhishek Kotan

The circular object that moves like a wheel of a large truck. — Rabishu Shrestha

I can see a net stuck in a black box from where strange sounds come. — Sujana Singh

The dull classroom looked bright with the colourful glitter. — Sojiyana Shrestha

There is an iPad like thing. — Annie

Fast as the blades of a chopper. — Saurav Tuladhar

It is a white spiderweb on a black box full of insects. — Pratistha Sthapit

A straight line of a maze with no end. — Anonymous

It goes round and round in a circular track race, it doesn’t get tired. — Dikchhya Tamrakar

The black board full of chalked-words looks like a night sky with stars. — Roji K.C.

An army of ants eat a yummy strawberry. — Nirdishta Amatya

It blinks like the lights of in a disco. — Ayusha Pradhan

The rectangle-shaped like a geometry box, bordered with white wood and filled with black ink. — Anonymous

The black snake going into a hole. — Nishant

Footprints on a silky desert. — Anushriya Pathok

It is a blue snake sliding into a hole. — Rabin Poudel

The black ants are stuck while walking. — Sushil Bista

An upside down helicopter. — Nirakar Sharma

It is a strawberry in a light blue small basket. — Shreejal Shrestha

A crowd of people waiting for the bus. — Niraaj

A lane of volacanic lava with snow on it. — Ketan Bhimsarin

There is a strawberry inside of me. — Projan Shrestha

A refrigerator of information. — Anonymous

He will always be happy. — Pooja Aryal

Termite colony readying its troops to attack the ant colony, recorded by the sneaky blue snake-like wire. — Saugat Man Shrestha

Like an overfed snake. — Ripul Kaji Kasaju

The wire spills out of the multiplug like a stream — Kushal Shakya

A black sea of alphabet. — Rubina Shrestha