GalliSalli debuts in The Kathmandu Post!

We are lucky to say that on August 23, 2014, The Kathmandu Post published a group of 12 stories from our Primer workshop.


Take a closer look at the text.

Share YOUR stories with us from Kathmandu’s GalliSalli.
Send submissions to:

Submission Guidelines: 
1) GalliSalli is currently focusing on Kathmandu, so your personal story has to take place in Kathmandu.
2) Your story CANNOT be fiction. It CAN, however, be “fictionalised,” i.e. it can be told creatively for the purpose of luring your readers, but it has to be grounded on something that happened.
3) Your story can be your own experience or the experiences of others. It can be an observation. Something you heard. Something you saw. Etc.
4) Your story can be in flexible forms: prose, poetry, epistolary, dialogues, a scene (We will slowly move to audio and video when we have the capacity).
5) Your story should be UNDER 350 words.
6) You should include your full name/ writerly-storytellerly name and the area of Kathmandu you are writing about. It can be a street, building, river, cafe etc. etc.
7) LET’S GO!