GalliSalli / गल्लीसल्ली

– a place shapes a story, a story shapes a place- 

GalliSalli / गल्ली सल्ली

You may know where and how each galli in Kathmandu begins, merges and disappears, but have you stopped to listen to the whispers of countless stories it has witnessed? What has the galli seen? What has it heard? What has it felt?

Come join KathaSatha in a primer workshop for an exciting public writing project, GalliSalli. Writers and storytellers will remember, record and archive non-fiction narratives through memory as lived out in specific spaces around the city of Kathmandu. The project aims to collect personal stories and build a walking-breathing interactive virtual map and pulse of a space as marked and narrated by its inhabitants and visitors. GalliSalli is an exercise at encountering and engaging with ideas of place, memory and belonging through personal narratives.

GalliSalli / गल्ली सल्ली: A Primer Workshop

KathaSatha is looking for 10 daring writers and storytellers for GalliSalli’s primer workshop, an intensive single-session exercise built to gather initial stories to pilot the project.

When: Saturday, Aug 9, 2-4PM
Where:, Arun Thapa Chowk, Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur
How much: FREE!

How to Participate:
Serious participants are asked to send an Email to with the following:

1) Full Name/ Email address/ Reachable Phone #

2) In order of preference, a list of three neighbourhoods/gallis/buildings/ shops i.e. spaces in Kathmandu where your stories took place.

3) Two specific physical details about each space (we recommend you visit these spaces beforehand). For e.g. “rusty shutters that never closed all the way,” or “two bricks stuck out from the wall, creating a perfect footrest.”

4) Optional but recommended: Take a picture and/or make audio recordings of the spaces you want to explore. Send these images and/or recordings to

Location of workshop: 
pc map location

*KathaSatha would like to thank for generously lending their space to support storytelling endeavors.*

GalliSalli: A Primer


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