Mirror In/Out

What identities are assigned/ denied to you? How do we sit in our bodies when this happens? How does the language of identities limit/expand our multiple selves? Do we hold back? Do we speak out? How do these relationships change or maintain the pitch of our voices, and how do we create a voice we’re most proud of?

Join us as we read, think, speak and write through the ways that our identities may shape how we step into the world. We will be mirroring *in* on how we view ourselves, what identities we believe align with us most, what identities we often put aside, and if it is possible to be our full selves. We will then mirror *out*, and reflect on our relationships with others.

Thursday, 22 Aug, 2PM-5PM

Only 12 seats available. Save your spot by signing up: https://bit.ly/2P5yPXs

VENUE: आज Cafe (https://bit.ly/2zelGAk)



Camille Asia Ollivierre is a queer, Vincentian-American poet from New York, USA. She’s a rising senior at Smith College in Massachusetts and is currently in Kathmandu interning with KathaSatha.

Raji Manjari Pokhrel is a cis gender queer mental health worker living in Kathmandu. She/they started आज Cafe dedicated to emotional wellbeing and continually working towards making it a safer space for queer MOGAI individuals.

[This is a FREE event in collaboration with आज Cafe.]