Pictured It: All Eyes, All Ears

photo.circle officially opened up Nepal Picture Library to the public and hosted a reading of the photo-stories that were born out of KathaSatha, photo.circle and Bookworm’s “Picture This” workshop. People gathered at The Bakery Cafe’s auditorium in Sundhara on a rainy Saturday evening (June 25, 2011) to listen to intimate stories told for the first time, through pictures publicly presented for the first time.

First time writers read alongside with published writers and editors. Writers sat down with their grandparents, parents, siblings, uncles and aunts, and asked them questions about the places, clothes and times captured in their photos often hidden in cupboards or behind faded album covers. Each participant wrote a story that the picture demanded, interspersed with memories and a little bit of history.

Thank you dear “Picture This” writers, you are such an inspiring group! Because of you and others like you, we can picture a collective Nepali memory, just like this one you have created.

Writers/Readers were: Saurav Kiran Shrestha, Shitu Rajbhandari, Shrijana Shrestha, Alok Adhikari, Ashok Adhikari, Shilu Manandhar, Sweta Baniya, Palistha Kakshapati and Aparna Singh (Abhishek Shiwakoti wrote stories, but could not read on the day of the event).

Stories along with their photos will be uploaded soon.

If you have old photos in your house somewhere and you want to write the stories that they hold, write to archives@photocircle.com.np.