Simply put, a small gathering of folks who love food and / in / around literature. KathaSatha and Everfresh by nuwa estate coffee are teaming up to serve you a delicious 3-course meal curated with select dishes and drinks featured in the evening’s literary text. For our first lit dinner, we will be eating with the characters of Shradha Ghale’s debut novel, The Wayward Daughter. Shradha will also be attending the dinner party.


Have you ever read a book that has left you hungry? We have!

All great works of literature have food, and it’s no mere accident. What we eat says a lot about our cultures, identities, histories, place, time and class. When we create recipes around the food that a story’s characters eat, we engage and experience the text in a more meaningful and memorable way. lit dinner is about bringing literary texts to the table and sharing with one another new foods and moments from the book. And also, we love a good literary party.

Noya Restaurant, Gairidhara

Saturday, 12 December, 2020

Everfresh Cafe, Pani Pokhari (in the premises of Le Sherpa)

Friday, 14 June 2019